Empty Beaches of St Jean Cap Ferrat Riviera Boat Tours

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The beaches of St Jean Cap Ferrat lay empty. Tantalisingly close but forbidden to reach during the Corona-virus lock down. The picture are of La Fosse and Paloma Beaches.

Although St Jean Cap Ferrat is synonymous with wealth and the glories of the Belle Epoque period of France. Its famous residents and visitors both past and present include F Scott Fitzgerald, Chaplin, Picasso, Churchill, Hemingway, Taylor and Burton, Rolling Stones, Grace Kelly, The Kennedy's and Paul Newman to Bill Gates, Paul Allen, U2 etc

St Jean Cap Ferrat is still calm and easy going in the summer period, where its possible to grab a table at almost any of the 20 or so port side restaurants and bars. Its exclusive but not stuffy.

St Jean Cap Ferrat retains is quiet ambience and exclusivity mainly due to the transport links or lack of them. Although 30 minutes for Nice airport and 12 minutes from Monaco, it is the only village along this part of the Mediterranean that has no train station.

Taking the coastal train from Nice, a huge glorious scenic pleasure in itself, towards Villefranche and Beaulieu and Eze to Cap d Ail, arriving in Monaco but no stop for St Jean Cap Ferrat. The nearest stations are Villefranche and Beaulieu Sur Mer. There are buses from Nice numbers 81 and 15 that loop this 'half an Island' of St Jean Cap Ferrat and back out again onward towards Monaco.

Its a walkers paradise with 11 km of coastal trails, one of the top 20 coastal hikes in the world. See our guided hike tour on Tripadvisor https://static.tacdn.com/AttractionProductReview-g187237-d20065223-Guided_Coastal_Hike_Around_St_Jean_Cap_Ferrat-St_Jean_Cap_Ferrat_French_Riviera_Co.html?m=19905

Many tourists come here and stay for their vacations duration, with lots of attractions, from the Port restaurants and bars, The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, St Hospice with its Belgium war grave, The Davis Niven home, pink and serene it sits magnificently on the waters edge, the former home of Charlie Chaplin whom Niven later bought. A variety of beaches, swim, snorkelling and scuba diving spots, fishing trips and of course our famous boat tour @rivieraboattours

The beach featured below is La Fosse, it consists of two separate coves. In the summer they are occupied mainly by the residents and family and friends, no restaurants, a great picnic location.

Locals bring their boats out and moor them in the two coves, spending their days cooking, swimming and fishing, their evening spent in the port restaurants.

Tourist boats come from Monaco to escape the city, the quiet and dazzling blue crystal clear waters here a great draw and one of our many stops with @rivieraboattours. An early swim or an early glass of Rose or indeed both, whilst listening to the buzz of the Cacadas coming from the nearby Jardin de la Piax

The next featured beach below is Paloma Beach, perhaps the most famous beach on the Riviera. Often requested as a stop off and always obliged, as it's on our boat tour itinerary. Unlike La Fosse beaches, Paloma has a restaurant @palomabeach

Paloma Beach named after the daughter of one of the famous residents and visitors Pablo Picasso, having spent much time here during the 30's and 40's.

Paloma Beach is a great watering hole and a celebrity haunt, embraced by natures beauty and man's gift of staggeringly beautiful designer villas, man and nature working in a symphony to create the perfect hideaway and swim spot with views towards Monaco and anchored Super Yachts.

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