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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

While on the water, perhaps the most fascinating aspect of our daily tours for our clients, are the Super Yachts. During the summer months they start to congratulate from far and wide, heading to the locations of Monaco, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Villefranche etc.

The Super Yachts are too large to enter into the smaller ports. The largest port is the Port of Monaco with a depth of 60 metres, the only port that has capacity and depth to accommodate these Palaces of the Sea. Space is limited not to mention expensive. As a consequence the yachts stay moored out to sea and can be seen easily from a distance of a few metres.

The most seen are the Alisher Usmanov's Dilbar, Roman Abramovich's Eclipse and The Microsoft Yacht Octopus, of the late co founder of Paul Allen.

The Yachts have up to 90 staff and crew and often follow a similar season path, arriving in the South of France around May and departing within a few weeks of each other in early September, destined for the Bahamas and the Caribbean Seas.

I was in the Bahamas in November to February and it was like a welcome friendly sight to see such familiar boats and crew, like a family at sea

We @rivieraboattours wish all well and are thoughts are with all. We hope that as armchair travellers, as we have now temporally become, we can at least offer a vision of the world and all its beauty and richness, through the eyes we reflect positivity for a future reborn and with greater appreciation and respect.

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