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Updated: May 6, 2020

Here at Riviera Boat Tours we are busy preparing for the season. Its a strange time for all. Easter seems to have come and gone almost unnoticed.

The seasons here in St jean Cap Ferrat changing rapidly from Spring to Summer. The clarity of light, that famous light dazzles and is so attractive to artists, lingers longer.

The heat of the day is noticeable stronger and the night times longer, the sun setting past 8 pm now. No rain here since 6 weeks and no day has passed without sunshine.

Gone are the evening that went rapidly cold. You know that feeling, more reminiscent of a mountains climate, than the Mediterranean Beach side. Personally I love the the temperature changes, putting on a warm pullover or jacket, still able to sit outside with a drink and smoke a cigar, is just paradise.

We are of course by the sea, on the French Riviera we sit at the foot of The Alps Maritimes, the South Eastern part of the Lower Alp mountains, that tail off to the Mediterranean Sea.

We have so many ski stations so close to the French Riviera. For those who have not experienced a late ski in March or April, starting with morning ski, followed by an afternoon on the beach, I recommend very much the Cote d Azure.

Riviera Boat Tours is open for business very soon. Perhaps an early morning or early afternoon boat tour or perhaps a sunset cruise?

Come visit us at www.rivieraboattours

Remember us for those who require Boat Maintenance or Villa management. Visit us in the Heart of St Jean Cap Ferrat. We wait to welcome old and new clientele with a revived vigour for the seasons ahead.

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Port of St Jean Cap Ferrat Season opening Very Soon. Come Join Us... Its going to be a whole new world of exploration.

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