French Riviera Boat Tours a Perfect Social Distancing Experience Along The Cote d' Azure

Updated: May 6, 2020


Monaco Port
Monaco Port Shop and Tour

It is exciting to imagine another spectacular season on the French Riviera. Entertaining clients and showing our beautiful corner of The French Riviera which is the famously known Cote d'Azure.

We change our format to suit the present Covid19. Imposing our own rules to ensure client concerns re distancing.

We offer ONLY PRIVATE BOAT TOURS. NO MIXED CLIENT BOATS. We do not sell our tours on a seat basis as many do.

So our boats will be for YOUR PRIVATE USE ONLY.

Fully cleaned and disinfected after each boat tour outing #frenchrivieraboattours

Imagine the experience. A Riviera Boat Tour is the perfect #socialdistancing experience. Your very own PRIVATE CAPTAIN and BOAT. Out on the Mediterranean Sea far from anyone. Your choice of restaurants and bars or a private picnic on a secluded beach or rocky outcrop, as your Private Riviera Boat Tours Captain awaits your return.

Clean fresh Riviera sea air, crystal clear Cote d' Azure Mediterranean seas.

Perhaps you want a Shopping Boat Tour to Monaco?

Departing from St Jean Cap Ferrat, Nice, Beaulieu Sur Mer, Eze Sur Mer, Villefranche Sur Mer or Cap d Ail.

A gentle cruise by sea instead of public transport. A private boat all to yourself. Glass of vino in hand. The perfect bout tour.

Shopping, lunch and Monaco sightseeing as we at #rivieraboattours wait. #frenchrivieraboattours

Or of course we do the reverse. Monaco to other destination ports.

We offer Private Chauffeured Cars to collect you at your hotel also.

You freedom away from the crowds?

Call or book directly @RivieraBoatTours

Private catering available. Seperate restaurant space can be reserved. Your choices are endless with Riviera Boat Tours

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