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Preparing to Open? The Cote d Azure with Riviera Boat Tours

Updated: May 6, 2020

The most positive sign that the season will soon be upon us... The Beaches are being prepared. Tractors and workmen are busy combing sand and cleaning seaweed.

Today a great day in terms of hope for the Summer season with Riviera boat Tours here in St Jean Cap Ferrat. The eagerly awaited tourist businesses along the Cote d Azure are preparing their crafts, restaurants cleaning windows and dusting down tables and chairs, pools being refreshed, all this after 6 weeks of closure.

For French Riviera Boat Tours, its very positive and a welcome sign that soon we will be back to work.

So those thinking of French Riviera Boat Trips from St Jean Cap Ferrat or a Port tour from Beaulieu Sur Mer or perhaps a shopping trip to Monaco by boat please contact us @RivieraBoatTours.com

We are moored in St jean Cap Ferrat Riviera Boat Tours pickup and drop off from all locations between Monaco and Nice Old Port.

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