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Land and Sea Views with Riviera Boat Tours. Nature and You on The French Riviera

Updated: May 6, 2020

From land and sea, the views are incredible. The short Chauffeured drive, train or bus from Nice or Monaco or wherever you may choose to stay on the Cote d Azure, is a pleasure, a feast for your sensors. @RivieraBoatTour

The sights of medieval villages pass by, Villefranche, St Jean Cap Ferrat, Eze, Beaulieu Sur Mer, Cap d Ail, Monaco. Bakeries with fresh baguettes and coffee, the flagrance's of Jasmine and Bougainvillea fill the air, the Mediterranean Sea a stunning Azure, rippling and glinting as if sprinkled with diamond dust. Th birds and Cicadas calling to one another.... at night lulling you to sleep. The marine life, Sea Bass, Barracuda, Sea Bream. Even Dolphin and Whales, a treat to see if we happen upon them or they us.

These random images of #Cotedazure snapped by Patrick your Skipper and guide, represent a very small portion of the sights from land and sea. The abundance of nature invites you #RivieraBoattours #frenchrivieraboattours

Come Aboard Enquire directly with me +447768734444 or See our Instagram #rivieraboattours #Ablacksheeptravels

#rivieraboattours Port of St Jean Cap Ferrat Season opening Very Soon. Come Join Us... Its going to be a whole new world of exploration. #freedomoftheseas #freedomoftheseas⚓️ #socialdistancing2020 #socialdistancingactivities #boattoursnice #boattoursstjeancapferrat #boattoursbeaulieusurmer #boattoursvillefranche #boattoursnicefrance #boattourmonaco #nicetourism #nicefrance #nicetourisme #jetaimenice #explorenicecotedazur #cotedazurtourisme #cotedazurefrance #frenchrivieraboattours

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