Good Morning From St Jean Cap Ferrat French Riviera Boat Tours

Updated: May 6, 2020

Early this morning I decided to go to an amazing little cove on the corner of the peninsular of Cap Ferrat, well within my 1 km allowed stroll from my home.

I was careful not to attract attention because as yet the rules for swimming in this period of pandemic are blurry. Hopping over rocks, down towards an old long ago broken fisherman's pier, feeling slightly hedonistic as I climbed a little further towards the tantalisingly and impossibly blue tranquil waters, the sounds calling me.

Thinking I was alone except for a flock of Gills bobbing gently on the water, I was amazed to see other early morning bathers. Stripped to their underwear, obviously this was an impromptu swim, no towels or fancy costumes, no snorkels just underwear and crystal clear water. Paradise was found once again.

We chatted at a distance, our feet submerged, knees then our bodies, an impromptu shared experience of something we took for granted only six weeks ago. To experience little pleasures, if only for a few minutes felt decadent and bountiful.

Numbers, Instagram details exchanged, me promising to visit their restaurant, they promising a tour with Riviera Boat Tours. We planned a swim when it is all over and freedom becomes the normal. Oh how I look forwards to that day.

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