Blood Moon Arising Over the Port of St Jean Cap Ferrat French Riviera Boat Tours Sunset Cruises

Updated: May 6, 2020

Last night was a spectacular sight, the moon full and Blood Red, balancing over the port.

Here in St Jean Cap Ferrat my neighbours and I have a tendency to hang out and watch the sunset.

Neighbours I have come to know better pre pandemic or discover neighbours I never knew I had, our busy lives interrupted. Natures master teaching us new skills of patience and hope.

We gather on our balconies in the evening, we wave and acknowledge one another as never before, a gentle nod or raise of a glass of vino, a salute to our mutual confinement, we awe at the night time beauty, seen through eyes less hurried, our shaded appreciations of knowing how lucky we are to be here.

I have learnt new games. Bat and ball not played for 20 years, played social distancing Petanque or La Boules with teams of neighbours, 2 metres apart, played out front on our shared gardens, its a perfect sport for our lock down lifestyle and adds to my cultural integration to my adopted home.

My wonder is when the ports and beaches will open? Without this there is no swimming, diving, no @RivieraBoatTours

Swimming my personal passion, two swims a day if I can, unless I am working @RivieraBoatTours then swimming is part of our boat tour. Imagine swimming here. This photo taken 3 days ago.

After anchoring up in secluded bays or semi private beaches, around Cap Ferrat, or Cap D Ail and Monaco, I encourage Riviera Boat Tour Clients to swim, snorkel or dive. I always join clients if asked, if not asked I use the excuse to dive in, snorkel and mask in hand to check the anchor. The waters are really the best, crystal clear, deep blue Mediterranean seas.

Some Riviera Boat Clients often prefer to sit and sip wine or take a cool beer or both, the sound of the bobbing waters gentle, lapping, calmly nursing and cradling the boat as the sun beams down, we undercover of our Bimini Top shaded area or out front laying on our padded deck, feeling natures own caressing, the salted water and the smell of Jasmine, the sounds of the Cicada, the chatter and glasses clinking from yachts anchored neighbourly by.

Oh the thoughts of reminisce, the writing of this blog brings it back, its a beautifully painful memory.... my soul aches to be back on the boat and in the waters surrounding St Jean Cap Ferrat

So lets hope for a speedy end and wishing you all well.

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